Une cacophonie de deux
The music of specific artists can mean a different memory for every one of us. Memory has the ability to get blurred and worsen over time.
Edith Piaf music have I stored in memory since the first time, and that was when her song "I regret nothing" (Je ne regrette rien) was in a commercial for Lark cigarettes.Her music was also present the night my wife and I kissed for the first time or the day we married, we danced to the same song I heard in cigarette advertising.
The sound of this work is presented as a memory, all superimposed on each other,where one can recognize some of the details or one thinks recognize, then it disappears. 
Several people have said to my wife and I that we look alike. The picture can produce this feeling, though I do not know who the one in the picture are. Without knowing why, I got stuck on this image and saved it...
love is blind,

OBS: Sound piece at the bottom.
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